BillingBee Roadmap

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BillingBee Feature Expansion Roadmap

Welcome to the BillingBee Feature Expansion Roadmap! We're excited to outline our plans for enhancing BillingBee with new features to better serve our customers. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive billing and project management solution that streamlines your workflow and helps you achieve your financial and project management goals. Here's what you can expect in the coming months:

Phase 1: Client Management Module

Goal: Improve client relationships and streamline communication.

  • Client Database: Create a centralized database for client information, including contact details, payment history, and preferences.
  • Communication Logs: Record and track client interactions, emails, and messages within BillingBee.
  • Client Portal: Allow clients to log in, view invoices, and communicate directly through a secure portal.

Phase 2: Project Management Integration

Goal: Seamlessly manage projects, tasks, and deadlines within BillingBee.

  • Project Creation: Create and manage projects within the platform, assigning team members and setting deadlines.
  • Task Management: Break projects down into tasks and sub-tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress.
  • Project Files: Store project-related files securely for easy access and sharing.
  • Project Dashboard: Visualize project timelines, milestones, and progress.

Phase 3: Time Tracking and Employee Timesheets

Goal: Efficiently track time spent on tasks and projects, and streamline payroll processes.

  • Time Tracking: Enable employees to log billable hours and track time spent on different tasks.
  • Timesheet Management: Generate timesheets for employees and contractors to streamline payroll.
  • Timesheet Approval Workflow: Implement an approval process for timesheets to ensure accuracy.
  • Integration with Projects: Automatically link time entries to specific projects and tasks.

Phase 4: Reporting and Analytics

Goal: Provide insights into your financial and project data.

  • Custom Reports: Create custom reports and dashboards to analyze financial and project performance.
  • Profitability Analysis: Understand the profitability of individual projects and clients.
  • Forecasting Tools: Predict future revenue and project timelines based on historical data.

Phase 5: Enhanced Invoicing Tool

Goal: Continuously improve our core invoicing capabilities.

  • Invoice Templates: Offer more customizable invoice templates to match your branding.
  • Recurring Invoices: Set up recurring billing for retainer clients or subscription services.
  • Payment Gateway Expansion: Integrate with more payment gateways for global reach.
  • Invoice Tracking: Enable clients to track invoice status and payments within the client portal.

Phase 6: Mobile App

Goal: Access BillingBee on the go.

  • Mobile App: Launch a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere.

Phase 7: Integrations

Goal: Enhance flexibility by integrating with other popular tools.

  • Accounting Software: Integrate with accounting software (e.g., QuickBooks, Xero) for seamless financial management.
  • Calendar Integration: Sync BillingBee with your calendar for better scheduling.
  • Email Integration: Connect your email client to BillingBee for easy communication tracking.

Phase 8: User Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Goal: Gather user feedback and make iterative improvements.

  • Feedback System: Implement a feedback system within BillingBee for users to suggest enhancements.
  • Regular Updates: Release frequent updates to address issues and add small feature improvements.

We're committed to making BillingBee the ultimate billing and project management solution for your business. This roadmap outlines our dedication to improving your experience and helping you succeed. Please note that timelines for each phase may vary, but rest assured, we're working diligently to bring these features to you.

Thank you for choosing BillingBee as your business partner. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead as we continue to grow and evolve together!